Friday, January 11, 2008

"Peeking Sun" Original Oil

This is of the sun peeking through the leaves and lighting up some flowering ground cover. This is completely from my imagination but inspired by some bushes outside our front door.

You may bid on this 6" x 8" oil painting on panel on eBay by clicking on the following:
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The painting was created with professional Winsor Newton oils on a 6"x 8" MDF 1/2" panel which has been archivally primed. The 1/2" edges are painted black so the painting can be attractively displayed as is without framing. Finally the painting has been varnished to protect the surface. These smaller paintings are scanned so the color should be very close to the original however, monitors vary so I absolutely guarantee your complete satisfaction. If painting does not sell at 10 day auction it will be posted for sale on my eBay store for 30 days.