Friday, October 23, 2009

Coming Home

"Coming Home" is the title of my recent 9"x 12" Oil painting which I'll probably use for this year's Christmas card. I absolutely love painting mountains and having been raised in North Dakota painting snow comes pretty natural to me. There is a waterfall dropping into the lake which is mostly frozen over except where the moving water passes through it and spills over into a small stream which then passes under a one lane bridge leading to a snow covered cabin.

I'm working on another vertical painting which is yet untitled. You will be seeing that one shortly.

In the meantime if you didn't bid on my last eBay auction you missed a great buy. It went to someone in upstate New York. I have placed another small framed painting of a old barn and wagon with again an opening bid of $19.99. The retail value is $249 including the frame.

If you want to check this auction out just click on the hotlink below. It is an 8"x 10" original oil on canvas and framed as you can see. The title is "I Remember When" and I certainly do. These old barns are rapidly disappearing from the countryside and being replaced by all steel structures, not nearly so attractive to my way of thinking.

All works are copyrighted and all rights reserved by Ernie Kleven.

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