Saturday, July 10, 2010

My how time flies when you're having fun!

Once again time has passed me by. I'm shocked when I look at the date of my last post. I do have an excuse of sorts. I have been working full time as a Field Operations Supervisor for the 2010 Census and have just completed my final project. It was fun and an experience I'll not soon forget. I was responsible for for 9 Crew Leaders and their approximately 125 Enumerators otherwise known as door to door census takers. Our project was Non Response Follow Up or as the government called it, NRFU. You have to learn a bunch of acronyms when you work for the government. We were charged with contacting those people who did not return the their mail questionnaires.

One thing soon became obvious - dang, there are some angry folks out there. And they don't mind killing the messenger. Of course there many nice folks also and some who made an effort to contact us because they realized the value of being counted. The angry ones, well some eventually came around but the others..............we just had to guess. Too bad!

Back (33 yrs ago) when I left corporate life I swore never to return. Government I've learned is worse. Whatever decision is handed down today will be changed tomorrow as some higher up manager speaks their piece. And you know they rule the world? Nothing gets by them and their humble opinions, many of which seem to defy normal logic. My personal opinion is that they simply find ways to justify their paycheck. I got along by simply rolling with punches and not taking anyone too seriously. Anyway that part of my life is now over.

NOW I'M BACK TO MY ARTWORK! It's strange how my head and heart were not into my painting during this time. I don't know why but I have to live with the results.

DISPLAY PANELS: A couple of years ago I designed and built my own display panels for Art Fairs and etc. My panels cost me less than $20 ea. whereas professionally manufactured ones cost over $120 plus shipping. A set of 8 panels which is a minimum for a normal booth would therefore cost over $1,000. I've been thinking for awhile now about drawing up some plans and marketing them for $29 each and now I'm doing just that.

I've placed an ad on eBay and will write an article for an art publication in hopes of generating some interest. I may place some ads later if there is a large enough response. I won't go into the many advantages of these panels. They are covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting and are light enough to set up easily. The two on the left are set up as a corner and the set up below was one I used in Mammoth Lakes last year.

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