Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm back at my easel!

I've recently completed a Design workshop by Margot Shultzke. It was an 8 week program of 1/2 day each Wed which was very rewarding. I'm looking forward to taking another one next year if I get back from AZ in time. I had started a portrait of "Alex" back in March and hadn't finished it. I was kind of "stuck" but was able to complete it with Margot's encouragement. Here is the final result if you haven't seen it on Face Book.


I posted this on Face Book but not without a problem. I first posted the wrong picture which had a
blue cast to it and of course, couldn't remove it, so I had to post it again with the correct image.
I also wanted to post it on my Artist page which I did, but to my surprise, it appeared "again" on my Personal page. Now I have three images posted???  Unfortunately Face Book doesn't allow you to correct mistakes, at least to my knowledge. In all honesty I haven't taken the time or applied the effort to learn all of the facebook intricacies of which there seem to be hundreds.

And then there is the "learning curve"! Man, I seem to be facing one of those every week. I received an I-phone from Nancy awhile back and am still learning the finer points of that. Now Nancy and family gave me an I-Pad for my Birthday (Thanksgiving Day) and there is even more to learn. I guess that good though. It keeps the mental cobwebs from becoming too dense. Still sometimes my brain could just use a rest. In spite of wearing out my brain I do love what these remarkable tools can do.

On another subject I painted a landscape of a Montana sunrise I observed early one morning a couple of years ago. I had just returned from my morning jog and saw this scene over my daughter's home. Because of the lone pine which had so much character I call this "Sunrise Sentinel". That particular tree stands in  her  corral.
"Sunrise Sentinel"

My thought for the day:

"I accept myself just as I am, I'm not here just to please others,
and I accept others just as they are, they are not here just to please me!"
- Ernie Kleven -