Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bodie, Snow Covered Wreck, 8"x10"

This old car is in the Calif Ghost Town called Bodie which is 20 miles off of Hwy 396 near Mammoth Lakes. This old mining town is almost perfectly preserved above the treeline in the Sierra Mountains. It was actually occupied up until the 1930's and was in recent years taken over by the Calif State Parks system. It has been kept in it's original state for the most part so there are no restaurants or the usual tourist shops. It is far enough off of the beaten path to reduce the number of tourist visitors. Yet because of it's well preserved state it attracts it's share of visitors with cameras. I have been there many times to photograph the many old buildings and etc. I now am painting many of them to create a series.
I am intrigued by old buildings and antique cars. Perhaps because I remember many of them from my younger days. Am I old? You betcha! I just turned 76 last month. I'm the modern day Grandpa Moses. You've heard of him haven't you?
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